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Your solution to fortifying your assets with superior protection.


Our Value

Since the 1970s, ZINGA has been solving corrosion problems in over 50 countries in an environmentally safe manner.

Every year corrosion is costing billions to industry. This corrosion not only makes steel assets appear neglected, more importantly, it causes structural instability and consequently poses a serious safety hazard. It also causes severe disruption of the production process and thus profitability.

ZINGA brings to the industry the best-value long-term corrosion protection system for old and new surfaces and can restore and repair galvanised surfaces, offering up to 300% better cost efficiency over other methods in its field.

Our Quality

ZINGA is an unmodified 96% zinc coating that can be brushed, sprayed or rolled on either as a primer or single coat system for ferrous metals, including rust-damaged and galvanised metal.

ZINGA differentiates itself from other anti-corrosion methods by offering a combination of both Passive and Active protection:

  • The zinc provides active, cathodic protection through galvanic sacrifice.

  • The barrier provided by both the zinc oxides and the binder ensures a passive protection.

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Our Products


"ZINGA coatings are non-toxic and environmentally safe."

zinga tins home image.jpg
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