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What is Zinga and what is it used for?

Zinga Liquid Galvanising is a unique formulation of zinc micro-particles, resins and binders. It provides environmentally safe, long-life cathodic protection to ferrous metal surfaces. It can be used on new prepared surfaces, previously coated surfaces and for maintaining and repairing hot-dip galvanised and zinc-sprayed surfaces.

Can Zinga be used on all steel surfaces?

Yes. It is suitable for treating all types of ferrous structures or components, irrespective of size. Please consult one of our technical representatives before using Zinga on high-strength alloys.

What does Zinga cost?

Project costs are usually lower with Zinga than with conventional systems and lifecycle costing is significantly less.

How long does Zinga last?

Zinga coats ferrous surfaces with an anode that thins over time, according to the local zinc usage rate. All else being equal, Zinga will last as long or longer than hot-dipped galvanising in a similar environment.

Is Zinga quick to apply?

Yes. If you use ZINGA as a primer only one coat is required. When you use ZINGA as a stand-alone system you’ll only need to apply two coats, one hour apart.

What surface preparation is required?

For optimum coating performance on steel substrates a class 2½ blast with a 50–70 µm profile is recommended. Hot-dipped galvanised substrates with a lower profile from natural weathering are good as long as they are clean.

Are special solvents or cleaners required?

ZingaSolv is a specially-formulated solvent for diluting Zinga. When used to clean equipment, ZingaSolv can be reclaimed by allowing the Zinga to settle and then pouring off the clear ZingaSolv. Alternatively, clean up with mineral turpentine. Do not dilute Zinga with mineral turpentine.

Is Zinga safe to use?

Yes. Special precautions beyond normal OH&S are not required for its use, and no hazardous wastes are generated. Generally no hazardous materials are required in surface preparation or in application.

How is Zinga packaged and supplied?

Zinga is available in 2kg, 5kg and 10kg containers. ZingaSolv is available in 1 and 5 litre containers. Larger containers are available on request. Technical data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request. We have depots nationwide.