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ZINGA is primarily metallic zinc – easily applied by brush, roller or spray. It offers long life cathodic protection against corrosion and is vastly superior to paint products.

  • ZINGA provides corrosion protection for old and new surfaces and can restore and repair galvanised surfaces.
  • ZINGA offers active protection comparable to hot-dip galvanising but is applied in the workshop or on site, reducing costly downtime.
  • ZINGA requires similar preparation effort to that needed for painting with conventional products but is much quicker to apply.
  • ZINGA coatings are non-toxic and environmentally safe; generally no hazardous materials are required in the surface preparation or in application.
  • ZINGA has been used internationally for around 30 years, and is now solving corrosion problems in over 50 countries.

ZINGA is the best value long-term corrosion protection system, offering up to 300% better cost efficiency over other methods in its field.

Common applications for ZINGA are protecting transmission and communication towers, and steel bridges.

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Burdekin River Bridge

Structural repairs protected with Zinga

Zinga coated 'silver' bridge

Comalca Rio Tinto

Bell Bay switch yard

Total protection for high voltage equipment

Alcoa transmission tower

Zinganised to last

transmission tower

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Easy to apply

Apply ZINGA just like paint, with a brush, roller or spray.

Easy to recharge

Fast-drying ZINGA blends seamlessly with previous coats.

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