About us

Zinga Pty Ltd is the only Australian company to import ZINGA. Our expert consultants can explain how ZINGA works, and how there are huge savings to be made in downtime, application time and in future maintenance effort. Our supply chain is Australia-wide. Contact us for more information.


ZINGA is an unmodified 96% zinc coating that can can be brushed, sprayed or rolled on either as a primer or single coat system for ferrous metals, including rust-damaged and galvanised metal. There is no need to dismantle the equipment and application is easy.

ZINGA is non toxic and environmentally friendly when dry. It can be used under a wide range of temperatures (-40°C to 150°C), touch-dries quickly (a second layer can be applied after only an hour), and humid or damp conditions do not prevent application.

ZINGA is the ideal protection coating for large metal structures where dismantling is not an option, or where the equipment is needed for continuous use.

Transmission tower

Other features of ZINGA

  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Will not blister, peel or allow appreciable undercreep
  • Resistant to impact, thermal shock and abrasion
  • Repairs hot-dip without removal of the damaged or depleted coating
  • Can be used for potable water storage

There’s more information about ZINGA on the FAQ page.