Case studies

Rail bridge case study, Queensland

Queensland railway bridge

This client has used ZINGA on their steel rail bridges since 2001.

For one project the client had budgeted to re-coat 7 of 10 bridges on a line. Using ZINGA provided them with such significant cost savings that they were able to coat all 10 bridges and still meet the budget.

All steel bridges flex. ZINGA, unlike some other coatings, remains flexible and doesn’t crack, thus providing lasting protection. The expected life of Zinga on these bridges is 30+ years. When it comes time to re-coat, the bridges will generally require only water blasting before reapplication of ZINGA.

These images show rivets, edges and bolts that have been stripe-coated with ZINGA to provide seamless, long-lasting protection.

Rivets coated with Zinga

Rivets coated with Zinga 3

More case studies

A locomotive approaches on a road and rail bridge 1

Queensland Department of Main Roads has specified and used Zinga Liquid Galvanising zinc-rich, single component, protective coating for the corrosion protection of the structural repairs to their prestigious Silver Link road rail bridge at Ayr in far North Queensland for the past seven years.

A locomotive approaches on a road and rail bridge 2