Third anniversary inspection, transmission tower

Melbourne, Victoria

Transmission tower 1

A coating inspection was conducted on a transmission tower located in an industrial environment within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

The transmission tower paint trial was to demonstrate the durability and ease of application of Zinga Liquid Galvanising to the asset owner.

Transmission tower 5

Typical view of tower corrosion.

Transmission tower 7

Typical view of rust through the scribe - little or no surface preparation.

It was suggested at the time of the paint trial that some areas of the galvanised steelwork not have any surface preparation. Our case history will demonstrate the unique protective qualities of both correctly and incorrectly applied Zinga on the transmission tower, after three (3) years exposure.

The transmission tower was revisited 3 years after application. The performance of the Zinga Liquid Galvanising reveals excellent corrosion protection not only on the correctly prepared (previously) galvanised surface but also demonstrates its high rate of protection to the unprepared substrate (not recommended). The total DFT for the trial was two coats typically totalling < 180µm DFT. If the local zinc usage rate is 4 µm p.a. a service life of 30 - 40 years could be expected before rejuvenation with another coat of Zinga to start over.

Transmission tower 10

Coin scraped to remove the zinc salts to expose the Zinga 'pure' zinc. Note the scribe mark: no under-creep after three years of exposure.

Transmission tower 6

Note the severe environment ZCP on galvanised steelwork: no galvanising left on fastener.

Transmission tower 2

Transmission tower 3

One wipe brush coat to the unprepared guard rail substrate. Note the Zinga 'pure' zinc exposed when scraped with a coin. This wipe coat would only have approximately 60µm DFT.

Transmission tower 4

View of coin abrasion to the applied Zinga Liquid Galvanising exposing the 'pure' zinc layer still in high performance mode.

Transmission tower 8

Close up of fastener demonstrating complete seal after three years of exposure.

Transmission tower 9

Note: zinc salts removed to expose the performance of the Zinga Liquid Galvanising.