Mollison Street Bridge, Kyneton

Mollison Street Bridge finished

Zinga Pty Ltd is pleased to have been involved with the supply of our unique protective coating for the Mollison Street Bridge situated at Kyneton, in Northern Victoria.

The Mollison Street Bridge has been serving the Kyneton community providing access across the Campaspe River for almost one hundred years. Personnel within our company first became involved with this Bridge some nine years ago when VicRoads Design found the need to protect the structure from further deterioration (corrosion). The contract for the bridge stalled until May 2007 when we became involved through the successful contractor. Unfortunately a further site inspection revealed the rapid advancement of corrosion and it was decided the existing coating would have to be totally removed with the bridge fully encapsulated because of the lead based paint.

Zinga Pty Ltd has prepared a project case history on the Mollison Street Bridge at Kyneton. The coating system specified was Primer Coat: Zinga “Liquid Galvanising”, Intermediate Coat: Alufer “N” MIO-MCU and a Finishing Coat: of Alufer “WR” (Weather Resistant) MIO-MCU Metallic Silver Grey.

The ZingaMetall coating system will provide exceptional long term protection for this Heritage structure, including excellent UV resistance and weathering properties. The advantage using Zinga as the primer coat is that in years to come the high volume 'pure' zinc content of Zinga will extend service life due to the weathering process of the coating. All steel bridges flex, however using this system the coating will never become embrittled and will remain flexible throughout the service life of the coating system, thus preventing surface cracking and resulting moisture migration causing a possible coating failure.

Mollison St coated beam flange

Mollison St beam corrosion 1

Mollison St beam corrosion 2

Mollison St lattice corrosion

Mollison St primer coat to steelwork

Mollison St coated steelwork